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EBOX-336x/ 335xDX3, DIN PC-336x Series Kernel Package 

Title File
3.16.7-ckt20      (For Debian 8.0)
2.6.32-21 (For Ubuntu 10.04)
3.2.0 (For Ubuntu 12.04)

EBOX-336x/ 335xDX3, DIN PC-336x Series Kernel Source/ Header File 

Title File

EBOX-336x HDMI/ 335xDX3-RCA Series HDMI Driver 

Title File
EBOX-336x HDMI Series & EBOX-335xDX3-RCA                hdmi_1080p linux_driver_& gstreamer package
Installation guide hdmi_1080p_linux_driver_&_gstreamer_installation_guide

VGA Driver

Title File
EBOX-336x/ DIN PC-336x Series m2015_xorg_driver_& (2014/12/29, Xorg 1.10, 1.11, 1.12)
EBOX-3350EX Series EBOX-3350EX Series support Standard VESA driver, resolution up to 1024 x 768
EBOX-33xxA Series Buffer) 
EBOX-33xxA Series
EBOX-3310MX/ 333x Series m2012_r0.0.11, zipped with a must read configuration file (xorg.conf)
EBOX-3310MX/ 333x Series (2013/07/26, for Gentoo Linux, Xorg 1.13.3)
EBOX-3310MX/ 333x Series (2013/07/26, Xorg 1.12.4)
EBOX-3310MX/ 333x Series m2012_xorg_driver_& (2013/02/21) 
EBOX-3310MX/ 333x Series m2012_xorg_driver_& (2012/04/16)
EBOX-3310MX/ 333x Series m2012_xorg_driver_&
EBOX-3300MX/ 3350MX Series m2010_xorg_driver_& (2013/02/21)
EBOX-3300MX/ 3350MX Series

R6040 LAN driver

Title File
R6040 (Use for Kernel version: 2.4.24~2.6.27)                                      
R6040 For SUSE 11.04 (2.4.24~2.6.27)
R6040 For Fedora Core 10 (                          

Kernel Source/ Header File

Title File  linux- Ver.1.2   linux-source- linux-
2.6.30-apm Ver.1.1  linux-source-2.6.30-vortex86mx-apm_1.1_all.deb
2.6.32-21 linux-headers-2.6.32-21-vortex86_2.6.32-21.32_i386.deb
2.6.30 Ver.1.1 linux-source-2.6.30-vortex86mx_1.1_all.deb
2.6.30   linux-

Kernel Configuration/ Patch

Title File
Kernel 2.6.30  vortex86mx_patch_and_config_2.6.30                              
Kernel 2.6.34 config-2.6.34-vortex86-sg-r1
Kernel 3.2 patch_r6040_for_kernel_3.2 (R6040 MDIO unique name and delay)
EHCI reset (Coreboot) patch-3.10.55-vex_ehci (for EBOX-3100-VGA, and 3350EX Series only)

EBOX-3100-VGA/ 3350EX Series Kernel Package 

Title File
3.2.0       (For Ubuntu 12.04)
2.6.32-21 (For Ubuntu 10.04 & Debian 6.0)

EBOX-3100-VGA/ 3350EX Series Kernel Source/ Header File 

Title File

EBOX-3100-VGA/ 3350EX Series Buildroot Embedded Linux O/S building tool

Title File
Buildroot English version guide Buildroot-Eng-V160420
Buildroot Chinese version guide Buildroot-中文-V160415

EBOX-33xxMX/ 3350MX/ 33xxA Series Kernel Package

Title File
2.6.30 Ver.1.0    linux-image-2.6.30-Ver_1.0_i386.deb (no APM)
2.6.30 Ver.1.1  linux-image-2.6.30-Ver-apm_1.1_i386.deb (APM)
2.6.30 Ver.1.3 linux-image-2.6.30-Ver-apm_1.3_i386.deb (APM) (EETI new touch supported)
2.6.32-21 (For Ubuntu 10.04 & Debian 6.0) Ver.1.0 linux-image- (TSC2006 Touch Controller, VT9271 Wireless LAN Supported) Ver.1.2 linux-image- Ver.1.3 linux-image- Ver.1.1 linux-image- (Test version, fbcon enabled, lpt IRQ enabled) Ver1.4 linux-image- (uinput, evdev, enabled)

EBOX-33xxMX Series Audio patch

Title File
Patch file of HDA device

EBOX-333x/ 3350DX2, DIN PC-333x Series Kernel Package 

Title File
2.6.32-21      (For Ubuntu 10.04 & Debian 6.0)

EBOX-333x/ 3350DX2, DIN PC-333x Series Kernel Source/ Header File 

Title File
2.6.32                      linux-headers-2.6.32-21-vortex86_2.6.32-21.32_i386.deb                       

Specific Kernel 

Title File
For CentOS 5.5                                                                         
For Tiny Core Linux 4.2                      
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