What operating system can be used on EBOX-336x and DIN PC-336x Series?
Supported Microsoft OS:
Windows Embedded Standard 7, Win 7, Windows Embedded Standard 2009, Win XP, Compact 7, CE 6.0 and MS-DOS.
Supported Linux OS:
Debian 4.0/ 5.0/ 6.0/ 7.0, Ubuntu 8.04/ 8.10/ 9.04/ 10.04, WattOS warp30, Fedora Core 5/ 10, and CentOS_5.5. 
Can user connect TFT or LVDS LCD panel on EBOX directly?
No, EBOX Series does not support TFT or LVDS LCD. All EBOX series are equipped with VGA or TV output for display.
What kind power supply EBOX-333x/ EBOX-336x Series use?
EBOX-333x and EBOX-336x Series support +8~+24V DC power input.
And 20 Watt of power supply is enough to run Operating System with all I/O output interface connections.
What voltage level support for EBOX GPIO Port? 
When GPIO is set to “output” in CMOS settings, the pin of GPIO will be as below.
Output -> “1” -> 3.3V (high; 8mA maximum) -> “0” -> 0V (low). 
When GPIO is set to “input” in CMOS settings, the pin of GPIO will be as below.
Input -> waiting for input signal which the voltage is around 2.5V.
When the input is 3.3V or 5.0V, users can read the pin of GPIO as “high”. 
When the input is 0V, users can read the pin of GPIO as “low”.
Will sudden shutdown damage the EBOX?
Sudden shutdown might cause damage, it might be a result of accidental deletion of an important system file.
Please try to avoid and follow the regular procedure to turn off the EBOX.
Does EBOX support  PXE 2.1 boot  program in BIOS? 
No, current EBOX series support PXE 2.0 only.
Why should I use the EBOX rather than other computers?
EBOX benefits are low power consumption, quiet, fan-less, upgradeable, all-in one module designed, size mini, lightweight, and costs saving.
What is the operation temperature of EBOX?
The operating temperature is between 5~50℃.
Can I configue the memory system (RAM) by myself?
No, it's onboard not configurable. All the model types are with corresponding maximum system memory


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