DM&P Group utilizes our engineering expertise in CPU Kernel technology to provide x86 solutions such as embedded Single-Board-Computers, embedded CPU modules, and embedded systems.

In 1997, DM&P announced the release of the M6117D System-On-Chip (SoC). M6117D SoC was designed by DM&P using 386-processor core licensed from ALI. M6117D was designed to operate at optimum performance with low power consumption and low heat dissipation.

To motivate business for M6117D, and help lower the risks of new product and solution developments for our clients, DM&P developed Quick-boot BIOS (For quick system startup), X-DOS (A DOS like Operating System), Dsock (TCP/IP Socket library for DOS) and other utilities to work with M6117D. The software and utilities are generally available to DM&P's client who use DM&P's products without royalty.

Pb-Free (Lead Free) Manufacturing Facility
The movement for accepting lead-free electronics had gradually shifted across the United States, throughout Europe, and in Japan. DM&P Group has fully adhered to this manufacturing procedure accordingly by our production of lead-free products which began in the year 2005. The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) holds the key in setting legal regulation acts for Green products (lead-free products). Aside from EPA regulations, the USA initiated the lead Exposure Reduction Act, a.k.a. “The Reid Bill,” and Europe introduced WEEE (Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment Directive), while Japan had the JEIDA (a lead-free commercial and marketing activities roadmap).

Worldwide worries that “lead” was a toxic element coincided with environmental concerns that surfaced due to the improper disposal of old and obsolete electronics. Discarded PCBs often buried in landfills produced lead oxides from the solder that are soluble, which in turn leach into and contaminate groundwater. The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) sought to make lead solder extinct. 

Product Life-Cycle Support
DMP recognizes the important concern of a product’s “life-cycle” and that longevity is a key factor thus leading to our strict controlling of product quality and market development costs for electronic equipment suppliers. In addition to addressing the performance, the quality, and the cost of the product, we also focus on maintaining a minimal of 5 year life-cycle on our CPUs and continue to produce key components which help in extending new product development.

DMP products are designed with components that are proven reliable and offer extended availability. DMP implements a solid composition of the product roadmap, version control, End-Of-Life (EOL), last by announcements, product upgrade path for stability, and continuation of electronic equipment suppliers' product design.

Extended Temperature Support
DMP recognized the need for industrial products to operate in an extended temperature range and included design considerations for many of its products to reflect this. For Single Board Computer products, the standard product design is targeted to operate in the temperature range from -20°C to +70°C.

For applications that need to operate in the temperature range from -40°C to +80° C, DMP can provide a special design to allow for continued performance within this extended temperature range. Within this temperature range, only headless processor modules are supported (without video).

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