DMP electronics offer custom engineering design and manufacturing services for x86 embedded technology. Having many years of accumulated experiences, DMP displays this expertise by designing electronic equipment and producing x86 embedded solutions that maximize performance at a minimal cost. With complete ownership rights on the DMP Vortex86SX SoC, DMP has the advantage for creating designs and manufacturing services for various OEM/ODM demands. Our business model provides the best environment to meet target project costs within a desired schedule. DMP's x86 core technology offers the ability to operate in any environment lending to a long Product-Life-Cycle.

A Full Service Engineering and Manufacturing Company
DMP is a full-service engineer and developer for custom products. With the dedication of a strong Research & Development department and customer service teams, DMP achieves customer satisfaction with solid engineering and manufacturing services. Aside from being an embedded SBC manufacturer, DMP is also devoted to the development of processor kernel design.

Software Support Based on Hardware Application
Being a CPU designer, DMP knows how to integrate an embedded application that other SBC manufacturers cannot deliver. With x86 CPU know-how, DMP combines the advantage of CPU kernel modification with the necessary software support. Furthermore, to overcome dimensional limitations for most embedded systems, DMP has a team of engineers devoted to CMOS and BIOS programming and are willing to share those experiences with our customers.

Multi-Operation System Support
DMP's embedded systems have been tested under Windows CE, Embedded XP, Embedded NT, Embedded Linux, and DOS. Our hardware is made to be compatible with these systems. We also have the OS driver databases to support the customer’s needs. DMP assists the customers in their projects by cutting down time-consuming problems leading to better expense management. DMP offers the customers with prototype samples in 5 weeks after confirmation of final specifications and takes less than 4 weeks to put the prototype samples into mass production once customer approval is received..

Free BSP and Free Download
DMP provides BSP package for our CPU modules and also supply x86 main design circuit and accompanying drivers on the website. Please feel free to examine the system design with the use of our development tools.

Complete Support
DMP accepts custom designs for production, conducts EMI/ Safety tests, provides mechanical encasings, power supplies, and completely tests and the product prior to final packaging.

Ultimate Service
If you hope to work with a manufacturer who can provide you all the basic engineering services, DMP is the one that you should choose to work with as we offer the following engineering services:

  • PCB layout and circuit
  • Off-the-self products depopulation or design
  • Prototype samples manufacturing
  • Making cables for LCD/ CRT to connect to DMP controllers
  • BIOS modification
  • Drivers and Operation System support
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